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Holistic dentists, also known as biological or biocompatible dentists, are licensed dental professionals who have a unique approach to dental care in Phoenix. They consider the patient's overall health and wellness, beyond just oral health. These professionals have the same qualifications as traditional dentists but have additional training in alternative dental practices. They focus on using non-toxic restorative materials for dental work and emphasize the importance of dental health in relation to the entire body's well-being. Holistic dentists in Phoenix typically incorporate natural therapies and advanced dental technologies, advocating for preventative measures and educating patients on the relationship between oral health and general health.

What Holistic Dentist doctors do in Phoenix, AZ

Holistic dentists in Phoenix perform many of the same procedures as traditional dentists, such as cleanings, fillings, and examinations, but with a broader perspective. They use mercury-free fillings and avoid using materials that may harm the body. Holistic dentists also pay close attention to the effects of dental infections, root canals, and misalignments of the teeth and jaw on overall health. They incorporate alternative therapies such as nutritional counseling, homeopathy, and acupuncture into their dental practices. By focusing on the use of biocompatible materials, holistic dentists aim to ensure that dental treatments do not adversely affect other parts of the body.

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How they can help

Holistic dentists in Phoenix can help patients achieve better oral and overall health through a comprehensive approach that considers the body as an interconnected system. They work to educate patients about the importance of nutrition, proper oral hygiene, and lifestyle choices in maintaining dental health. By avoiding toxic materials and employing safe, effective treatments, they aim to improve the body's natural ability to heal and maintain itself. Holistic dentists can also provide personalized care plans that integrate alternative and conventional treatments tailored to the individual's needs, thus promoting a healthier, more balanced approach to dental care and general well-being.

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What to expect

When visiting a holistic dentist in Phoenix, patients can expect a thorough examination that evaluates not just their oral health but also their overall physical health and lifestyle factors that may impact their dental condition. The initial consultation might include discussions about diet, stress levels, and any current health concerns. Patients might undergo comprehensive testing to identify any toxic materials present in existing dental work and to assess the impact on their overall health. Treatment plans are customized to address both immediate dental concerns and their root causes, often incorporating natural therapies alongside conventional dental treatments. Additionally, patients can expect follow-up care that focuses on prevention and education, aimed at maintaining long-term oral and overall health.

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