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Holistic Dentists are dental professionals who adopt a comprehensive approach towards oral healthcare, emphasizing the connection between dental health and the overall wellness of the body. Unlike traditional dentists, Holistic Dentists work with the understanding that treatments and materials used in dentistry can have a significant impact on the patient's general health. They tend to focus on preventive care, minimizing the use of invasive procedures and avoiding the use of toxic dental materials. Holistic Dentists often collaborate closely with other healthcare providers to ensure a thorough, integrated approach to the patient's health, catering to individuals who prioritize a more natural, wellness-focused approach to dental care.

What Holistic Dentist doctors do

Holistic Dentists perform many of the same duties as traditional dentists, such as diagnosing and treating dental issues, performing cleanings, and managing oral diseases. However, their approach is distinct in that they also incorporate natural therapies and materials that are biocompatible and less harmful to the body. They may use digital x-rays to minimize radiation exposure, avoid the use of amalgam fillings due to their mercury content, and employ laser treatments for various dental procedures to reduce the need for anesthesia and promote faster healing. Moreover, they often provide nutritional counseling, recognizing the impact of diet on oral and overall health.

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How they can help

Holistic Dentists can help by offering a more natural and less invasive approach to dental care, which can be particularly beneficial for patients concerned about the toxicity of traditional dental materials and procedures. They provide a more personalized care plan that considers the patient's overall health and lifestyle, incorporating preventive measures to maintain oral health and, by extension, the body's health. Through their emphasis on education, they empower patients to make informed decisions regarding their dental care and overall well-being. Additionally, for patients with specific sensitivities or health concerns, Holistic Dentists are skilled in identifying and implementing alternative treatment options that minimize adverse reactions and side effects.

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What to expect

When visiting a Holistic Dentist, expect a comprehensive evaluation that goes beyond just examining your teeth and gums. Initial visits often involve detailed discussions about your diet, lifestyle, and any health concerns or goals, to ensure a holistic view of your situation. The dental examination may incorporate advanced diagnostic techniques aimed at identifying potential health risks or issues that traditional exams might overlook. Treatment plans are tailored to each patient's needs, with a focus on natural therapies and materials. Patients should also expect a collaborative approach to care, where they are actively involved in treatment decisions and educated on how to maintain their health through proper nutrition, oral hygiene, and lifestyle adjustments. Holistic Dentistry aims to provide a more connected, health-conscious approach to dental care, aligning dental health practices with the patient's overall well-being journey.

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